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Welcome! This is an Exclusive, Members only site for professional and honest traders, Funders, Entrepreneurs seeking funding, Africa Projects, African opportunities and sources

Trading: Bullion, Currencies, Historic Bonds, Diamonds, Gold Dust, Dory Bar, Fuel, Coal.    Projects: Project Funding, Community Development, Africa Investments & Development, Job creation, Skills sharing. 



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Live Project Development & Trading is predominantly in the Commodities space trading in Historic Bonds (Direct to Largest world wide approved Platform for trading intake and approval, Currencies (Including DINAR, DONG etc for intake pre revaluation) Gold Bullion (Buyers in London, USA, Europe, UAE, HK), Gold Dust/Dory, (Supply - Ghana CIF, Mali FOB), Diamonds (CIF from West Africa, Botswana and FOB or Brinks - Angola, Botswana) fuel (Several buyers and sellers from USA, UAE, EU, Japan and China), coal (Sellers from SA and Australia) and Chemicals (From Russia, Czechoslovakia and China.


A large part of our focus stems from Matt's passionate love for Africa, Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia) and its peoples. Anything African or Asian and better still, related to the development of Africa or Asia and his drive to do what ever is required for Africa to find its rightful place on the International arena as more than just a bottomless pit of resources.

Project Development, Funding & Sourcing of funds ($1m to $500m), Community Development Projects, Artisanal Mining JV / Development and Funding, Agricultural Project Development, funding and management, construction of major Infrastructure such as Harbor and airport facilities.

There is a great need for the smaller investor / partner, from $50,000 and $100,000 to $1m. Often delivering higher short and midterm returns than the multi-million dollar projects, these are ideal for the private investor. Grants for the $150m and up projects are numerous.  Let this be a forum for both Investors and Entrepreneurs to come together and pool resources and knowledge in a network of like minded individual.

 Note: This side of the website (PROJECTS) is a work in progress and will be updated constantly. Matt will invite selected people of influence and power, or just people who will be of benefit due to their experience.  SCAMMER & FRAUDSTER will be moved to a new website and replaced with Funding sources and requirements. 


As part of all our projects we include the building of Schools, Adult education and Clinics to serve the local community.


 We have gathered a group of professionals who are  are honest and fair and,  in many cases, direct to buyers and sellers or their mandates.

In this way as a member of our group you will have access to buyers /sellers who we already know are reliable and follow our ethos - honesty, transparency and efficiency in closing transactions in the quickest possible time.


ONLY members (VETTED MEMBERS) will be allowed access to this inner group. Also, We will publish for the benefit of members only,  a list of known scammers or fraudsters we have dealt with, plus, the list from our intelligence agency contacts.

 For a list of our current offers available please refer to our 'REQUIREMENTS-OFFERS" If you are seller please refer to our "current requirements" page.


 If we are sent fake offers or buyers we WILL report ANYONE involved in the offer to every intelligence agency or organization we have connection with, you will be blacklisted! It is up to you to make sure your seller/buyer is vetted.

I am member of several bodies or groups involved in eradicating the criminals in the international trade arena. SO BE WARNED!

 We also provide security, VIP protection for visitors to Africa. We know Africa; we know the dangers and threats to look out for. We know how scammers operate. Only an African fully understand how to avoid unwanted situations. 

Should you be planning a trip to Africa let us know and we will give you free advice and guidance.